Adult Sunday School

Every Sunday Morning beginning at 9:45am

All are invited to stop by any of the Adult Sunday School Classes at any time. Coffee and treats are served every Sunday morning on the second floor - close to all the classes! The Young Men's Bible Class invites everyone to ham biscuits (or plain biscuits and jelly) the first Sunday of every month in their classroom from 9:00 - 9:45.


Adult Bible Discussion - Heritage Room

Taught by a rotation of class members, the Adult Bible Discussion journeys through the Bible highlighting pivotal points in scripture and lifting up its most significant stories, themes, events, and people.

Christians In Contemporary Culture.jpg

Christians in Contemporary Culture - Library

Led by Harriet Gilbert, this class reads a variety of books including everything from theology, sermons, current non-fiction, to short stories. What makes this class exciting is that the subjects we engage with help us explore our faith and share our personal experiences as they relate to life and the human condition. Not only do we learn from the books and discussions, but we build community and enjoy our time together. 

Access Faith.jpg

Access Faith - Fellowship Room

Taught by Costi Kutteh, Access Faith blends Bible study with faithful service to our community. Some Sundays are in the classroom, some are in the community putting faith into action. Contact Wes Pitts for more information. 

The Men of the Young Men's Bible Class

The Men of the Young Men's Bible Class

Men's Bible Class - Basement Classroom

A class for men of all ages! The Men's begins at 9:45, but typically gathers earlier for coffee and conversation. Uses The Present Word curriculum, current theme: β€œThe Christian Community Comes Alive.” The Men's Bible Class, more affectionately known as the Young Men's Bible Class, is more than just a Sunday School Class, it's a community that works, prays, studies, works on mission projects, and supports the life of First Presbyterian Church.

A class for adults with developmental disabilities.

Living in Faith

Living in Faith Classroom