2 day Ones & 3 Day twos


Lisa Fierros

Anita Craver 2.jpg

Anita Craver

2 day twos, 3 day Fours

Sheila Boggs


Theresa Hinson


Shannon Miller 2.jpg

Shannon Miller

Sue Kos.jpg

Sue Kos


Teresa Pharr

(2019 Interim: Brittany Jones)

Annie Parker.jpg

Annie Parker

5 day fours


Michelle Holt

Georgie Jones.jpg

Georgie Jones

(2019 Interim: Kathy Mullins)

Gina Terry 2018.jpg

Gina Terry

Licensed Kindermusik Educator




"It's a joy to be part of an integral program that teaches the WHOLE CHILD.  I'm inspired by a founding Kindermusik Educator, Carol Penney, who said, 'Early childhood music is not about making musicians; it's about making better people.'" ~ Mrs. Gina